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Fences are a great way to get secure your property, keep your pets safely inside and provide more security and privacy for your family.  Having a fenced yard, or your entire property is also a major benefit when selling your home.  Cuello Construction specializes in building wood or metal fences around your property or yard.  We will provide you with innovative fencing options that will provide you and your family the security and privacy you seek.

There are several things you need to consider before getting your fence built.

Materials – Cuello Construction and Remodeling specializes in building fences out of decorative woods such as Cedar or Pine we can also use metals or some of the synthetic materials that are on the market as well . There are a number of things to consider when building your fence and choosing materials. There is height, length of run, security/privacy, shape, colors and more.

Terrain – Is the terrain you’d like your fence built on already level?  Have you marked out posts or corners and gates? Are there obstructions such as a stumps or trees? Are there existing features of your property you’d like to incorporate or accent with your new fence? This is why it’s so critically important for an “on-site” estimate of your fencing project, that way  there is no surprises for either party.

Purpose – Do you have a neighbor encroaching on your privacy?  Do you have young children you’d like to keep secure while they play outside? Pets that you don’t want getting loose such as dogs or horses?  Or maybe you just want a divider between two properties.  Determining exactly what the fence will be for, will ensure you choose the right materials and fencing style for your needs.

Cuello Construction & Remodeling is ready to help you with your fencing projects.

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